Acta Univ. Agric. Silvic. Mendelianae Brun. 2019, 67, 939-946
Published online 2019-08-26

Genetic Evaluation of Reproductive and Metabolic Disorders and Displaced Abomasum in Czech Holstein Cows

Eva Kašná1, Petr Fleischer2, Ludmila Zavadilová1, Soňa Šlosárková2

1Institute of Animal Science, Přátelství 815, 104 00 Prague ‑ Uhříněves, Czech Republic
2Veterinary Research Institute, Hudcova 267/70, 621 00 Brno, Czech Republic

Received July 1, 2019
Accepted August 1, 2019

We estimated the genetic parameters of the most frequent reproductive and metabolic disorders as recorded on‑line by 55 milk producers in Czech Holstein cows in the Diary of Diseases and Treatments. The dataset covered the period from July 2015 to May 2019. The coefficients of heritability were estimated for retained placenta (h2 = 0.01), metritis (h2 = 0.04), endometritis (h2 = 0.03), cystic ovary disease (h2 = 0.03), parturient paresis (h2 = 0.01), ketosis (h2 = 0.01) and displaced abomasum (h2 = 0.03). Positive genetic correlations different from 0 were estimated between parturient paresis and displaced abomasum (rg1g2 = 0.75), retained placenta and metritis (rg1g2 = 0.61), displaced abomasum and endometritis (rg1g22 = 0.49), metritis and endometritis (rg1g2 = 0.45), and metritis and displaced abomasum (rg1g2 = 0.41). Because each farmer recorded a slightly different portfolio of health data, the genetic correlations with metabolic disorders couldn’t be estimated in most cases, since the number of observations was not sufficient.


This paper was supported by the Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic, institutional support MZE‑RO0718, and by the National Agency for Agricultural Research, Project No. QK1910320.


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