Acta Univ. Agric. Silvic. Mendelianae Brun. 2011, 59, 373-380
Published online 2014-03-16

The influence of external and internal factors on the quality of semen collection and qualitative indicators of semen in the dog (Canis familiaris)

Marie Vágenknechtová1, M. Hošek, L. Máchal, G. Chládek

1Ústav chovu a šlechtění zvířat, Mendelova univerzita v Brně, Zemědělská 1, 613 00 Brno, Česká republika

The influence of external and internal factors on the course of semen collection and quality of ejaculate has been evaluated in this work. This observation included 30 dogs of various breeds, each of which we collected 3 ejaculates from within one week (first, third and fifth day). The internal factors included the weight of the dog, order of semen collection and the age of the dog. The external factors included type of housing, utilization of the dog, point of the collection and type of nutrition. Average length of preparation of a dog for a collection and onset of sexual reflex was 95.7 sec. The observations showed that none of the evaluated internal factors had any influence on the length of preparation for the semen collection. The largest volume of ejaculate was collected from the first collection (10.5cm3), at the second collection it was 8.9 cm3 and the third one the volume was the smallest – with only 6.6 cm3. The average volume of 8.7 cm3 was found in the whole set of observed dogs. No statistically conclusive difference was found among groups. The average activity of sperm in the observed set was 68.8%. Activity declined from the first to the third collection from 73% to 65.5%. The difference in sperm activity was not statistically conclusive in any indicator. Sperm concentration in whole set of dogs was 143.6 103.mm3 and was not significantly affected by any monitored internal factors.
The longest preparation for the collection was found in dogs housed in pens (134.4 sec), dogs living in households (84.7 sec) and the shortest preparation was needed in dogs with freedom of movement. The longest onset of sexual reflexes was found in Police forces dogs, then family dogs and sport dogs (130.0 sec, 97.8 sec and 68.3 sec). In dogs collected in laboratory, the emergence of sexual reflex was longer (110.7 sec) than in dogs collected in their own natural environment (80.7 sec). The average length of the whole ejaculation was 396.0 sec in the whole set of dogs. The longest ejaculation was found in dogs held home (468.0 sec), the shortest in dogs with freedom of movement (290.0 sec). Family dogs had the longest ejaculation time, Police forces dogs had the shortest. The highest volume of semen was found in dogs kept in households (11.0 cm3), the smallest volume was in dogs with freedom of movement (4.2 cm3). Dogs used in sport, family dogs and Police forces dogs had the volume of semen 12.7 cm3, 6.3 cm3 and 5.7 cm3. Statistically highly significant differences in the activity of sperm was found between dogs with freedom of movement (35.0%) and dogs kept in pens and household of the breeder (77.8%, respectively 77.0%), between Police dogs (49.4%) and sport dogs (76.7%) and family dog (77.8%), as well as in the place of collection (P ≤ 0.01). The lowest sperm concentration was found in dogs kept in households (−3), in dogs kept in pens (−3), the highest sperm concentration was in dogs with freedom of movement (−3). Police, sport and family dogs had the concentration of−3, 126,−3, respectively 135,−3. Dogs collected in household had the average sperm concentration−3, compared to the sperm concentration of dogs collected in the laboratory (−3).


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