Acta Univ. Agric. Silvic. Mendelianae Brun. 2016, 64, 2047-2051
Published online 2016-12-21

Dynamic Planning of Experiments for the Optimisation of Managerial Scheduling

Tomáš Macák, Jan Hron

Department of Managemt, Faculty of Economics and Management, Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague, Kamycka 129, 16521 Prague 6, Czech Republic

Time management has a crucial role in organizations and also in our personal lives. Managerial scheduling is an important tool for the time management, especially It can serve as a tool for the first phase, of time management - namely for effective planning. This paper focusses on finding the best possible setting for determining significant the best layout for activities according to the criteria of urgency and importance using a modified steepest ascent method, which can be referred as dynamic scheduling. This term indicates the nature of the method; wherein the experimental design space is changed to look for the best conditions for adjustment factors influencing a managerial process. Existing methods for layout optimization mentioned in the literature and conventionally implemented in practice have only shown local optima.


11 live references