Acta Univ. Agric. Silvic. Mendelianae Brun. 2020, 68, 157-168
Published online 2020-02-27

Why Do Firms Voluntarily Adopt Environmental Management Systems? The Case of the Czech Republic

Eva Horváthová

Global Change Research Institute of the Czech Academy of Sciences, Department of the Human Dimensions of Global Change, V Jircharich 6, Prague 1, 110 00, Czech Republic

Received January 9, 2020
Accepted January 15, 2020

We examine why firms voluntarily implement environmental management systems. Employing the ISO 14001 management system and using firm-level data for the Czech Republic, we find that environmental management systems are typically adopted by large firms and by those firms that initially pollute the environment more. These systems are more commonly implemented by firms operating in service industries. On the other hand, we find little support that the adoption of environmental management systems is influenced by the firm’s financial performance and labor costs.


We thank Roman Horváth, Lubomír Lízal, Bedřich Moldán and seminar participants at the Charles University and the University of Economics, Prague for helpful comments. This work was supported by the Czech Science Foundation (GACR), Grant No. 20-18261S.


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