Acta Univ. Agric. Silvic. Mendelianae Brun. 2019, 67, 811-821
Published online 2019-06-27

Are Partnerships Enhancing Tourism Destination Competitiveness?

Diana Kvasnová, Tomáš Gajdošík, Vanda Maráková

Department of Tourism and Hospitality, Faculty of Economics, Matej Bel University in Banská Bystrica, Národná 12, 974 01 Banská Bystrica, Slovakia

Received March 5, 2019
Accepted April 26, 2019

The competitiveness and networking in tourism destinations is a well discussed topic among tourism scholars. However, the influence of partnerships of destination stakeholders on tourism competitiveness is under‑researched. This paper contributes to the recent debate on partnerships and tourism destination competitiveness, including the gargantuan compilations of competitiveness factors by Ritchie and Crouch (2003), or Dwyer and Kim (2003), by examining the link among these two variables. The central question underlying this paper is whether partnerships of private and public sector stakeholders contribute to the destination competitiveness. The analysis is based on the quantification of destinations’ competitiveness in Slovakia and the level of partnership by the creation of the partnership index. The paper concludes that the level of partnership positively affects the destination competitiveness.


This contribution was supported by VEGA 1/0809/17, “Reengineering of destination management organisations and its governance in accordance with the principles of sustainable tourism development.”


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