Acta Univ. Agric. Silvic. Mendelianae Brun. 2016, 64, 2095-2100
Published online 2016-12-21

Farmers’ Markets: Positive Feelings of Instagram Posts

Ladislav Pilař, Tereza Balcarová, Stanislav Rojík

Department of Management, Faculty of Economics and Management, Czech University of Life Sciences Prague, Kamýcká 129, 165 21 Prague, Czech Republic

With increasing consumer requirements, farmers and vendors see the importance of social media as a marketing tool to engage with consumers. In particular, on a more personal level for reasons of brand management. Instagram is becoming increasingly popular as a marketing communication tool. The aim of this paper is to identify areas that users evaluate in terms of positive feelings in connection with farmers’ markets. The results are based on the analysis of the worldwide, and Czech, instagram social network. Instagram posts were identified on the basis of keywords, such as #farmarsketrhy and #farmersmarkets. The results of the study are based on 100,000 contributions on Instagram made by 55,632 users. The analysis contains 1,357,812 ‘unique’ words. The results identified six major areas (1) Healthy (2) Good (3) Great (4) Happy (5) Nice (6) Perfect. An appropriately posted hashtag indicated the positive feelings that were evoked and then assigned to a matching category. The research results are used to identify group characteristics that exert these positive feelings while visiting farmers’ markets. These results can be used to build communications campaigns for farmers’ markets. They can also be used as a basis for further research in defining the behaviour of farmers’ markets visitors, based on cultural differences arising from geographic location.


The authors gratefully acknowledge the support from the Faculty of Economic and Management, Czech University of Life Sciences, via IGA grant, no. 20161029.


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