Acta Univ. Agric. Silvic. Mendelianae Brun. 2015, 63, 2011-2015
Published online 2015-12-26

Business Ethics and CSR in Pharmaceutical Industry in the Czech Republic and Hungary?

Markéta Lőrinczy, Sylvie Formánková

Department of Management, Faculty of Business and Economics, Mendel University in Brno, Zemědělská 1, 613 00 Brno, Czech Republic

How do business ethics and CSR form part of pharmaceutical business in the Czech Republic and Hungary? The question was analyzed through empirical studies where surveys were the main tool. The research investigated business ethics, CSR, ethical code, ethical involvement of employees as factors that might be important to achieve ethical behaviour in the pharmaceutical industry. Results showed that, with 69.4% response rate, that Czech and Hungarian original companies are more towards ethical behaviour and the employees know more about the organization they work for. The data were compared with parametric statistical analysis based on Mann-Whitney U calculator.


This paper was supported by Grant Agency International Visegrad Fund [No. 21310446].


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