Acta Univ. Agric. Silvic. Mendelianae Brun. 2011, 59, 183-188
Published online 2014-07-07

Assesment of customer relationship development

Dagmar Lesáková

Katedra marketingu, Obchodná fakulta, Ekonomická univerzita v Bratislave, Dolnozemská 1, 852 35 Bratislava, Slovenská republika

The focus of this paper is customer relationship marketing and its new trends. The particular goal of the presented research study was to identify and analyse the indicators of customer relationship development in human resources recruitment / leasing companies. Nine indicators have been explored: mission statement concerning customer commitment, customer attraction, customer commitment, development of customer value, understanding customer needs, goals for customer satisfaction, after sales services, measurement of customer satisfaction, complaint management. The indicators were made sequentially operational in order to translate customer relationship development into specific activities designed to increase business performance. Based on a set of customer indicators four scientific hypotheses were tested. We proved that strong customer orientation has a positive impact on business performance. Out of nine indicators, seven of them have a strong impact on business outcomes. The research confirms that business performance increases with firm size and market density, and that introduction of quality management systems improves company performance. Finally, the appropriateness of the customer relationship indicators applied in human resources recruitment companies is discussed.


10 live references