Acta Univ. Agric. Silvic. Mendelianae Brun. 2010, 58, 157-164
Published online 2014-09-27

Penetration of small and medium sized food companies on foreign markets

Ladislav Mura1, Veronika Gašparíková2

1Dubnický technologický inštitút v Dubnici nad Váhom, Ústav odborných predmetov, Sládkovičova 533/20, 018 41 Dubnica nad Váhom, Slovenská republika
2Katedra marketingu, Fakulta ekonomiky a manažmentu, Slovenská poľnohospodárska univerzita v Nitre, Trieda Andreja Hlinku 2, 949 01 Nitra, Slovenská republika

In the world the interconnection of national economies and internationalization of economic processes occur. In turbulent changing business environment only those companies that understand the current trends in global economy may survive, develop and prosper. Therefore, the issue of internationalization for most companies becomes to be more important and the process of in­ter­na­tio­na­li­za­tion is the way how to stand this increasingly competitive environment. In presented contribution, the attention is paid to issues of internationalization of Slovak food industry enterprises such as their way of business internationalization, percentage share of foreign - trading activities on overall business activity, company evaluation of business internationalization or barriers of foreign markets pe­ne­tra­tion that researched companies have to deal with. Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are the engine of the Slovak economy, generator of development, innovation, growth and they employ more than 60% of employees. Almost all businesses operating in agri-food complex have character of small and medium enterprises. The results of carried research have shown that small and medium-sized companies are considered to be successful in operation on foreign markets in surrounding European countries.


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