Acta Univ. Agric. Silvic. Mendelianae Brun. 2008, 56, 203-210
Published online 2014-11-14

The end distance effect of knock-down furniture fasteners on bending moment resistance of corner joints

Milan Šimek1, Eva Haviarová2, Carl Eckelman2

1Ústav nábytku, designu a bydlení, Mendelova zemědělská a lesnická univerzita v Brně, Zemědělská 3, 613 00 Brno, Česká republika
2Wood Research Laboratory, Department of Forestry and Natural Resources, Purdue University, 175 Marsteller Street, West Lafayette, IN 47 907-2033, USA

The goal of this paper is to investigate the effect of the end distance of cam lock fasteners on the bending moment resistance of knock-down corner joints. The preliminary study of knock-down furniture assembly plans was done in order to discover the manufacturers’ fastener typical usage in case construction. Laminated particleboard, cam fasteners and wooden dowels were used for specimen construction. L-shaped joint specimens 760 mm in length were tested by pressing the joint members together – also called a compression test in the angle plane. The study results showed that cam fasteners with end distance of 60 mm from the member edges perform the best.


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