Acta Univ. Agric. Silvic. Mendelianae Brun. 2004, 52, 7-16
Published online 2015-06-07

The impact of nitrogen and sulphur fertiliying on the share of proteinous fractions in winter wheat

Luděk Hřivna1, Lenka Hurtová2, Jitka Gálová3

1Ústav technologie potravin, Mendelova zemědělská a lesnická univerzita v Brně, Zemědělská 1, 613 00 Brno, Česká republika
2Bendlova 2, 613 00 Brno, Česká republika
3Těmice 57, 696 84 Těmice, Česká republika

The impact of fertilizing containing combination of nitrogen and sulphur on the N-substances contain in grain and the share of particular proteinous fractions of wheat of Samanta species was researched within the small-allotment trials in years 2000–2001. It has been proved that application of nitrogen together with sulphur positively influenced the sum of extracted N-substances. In both trial years the increase reached the average variant in relative comparison 3,83–3,8%. While in the first trial year the impact of sulphur was stronger when the share of nitrogen was bigger (increase 6,7%) the next year there was opposite trend and the increase of N-substances contain was higher with lower share of N and S (5,77%). While in 2000 the share of albumin in grain varied, in 2001 it had decreasing trend as the share of nitrogen increased. Trial year had the strongest impact on the content of globulin, prolamin and glutein in wheat grain.


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